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"Per ardua ad astra"

Introducing the Astrum, a lightweight modular mouse. Designed in England, and using the best available components, the Astrum is designed to be the last word in gaming mice!

Here is some of what the Astrum will offer:

  • Modular: Choose from 13 different configurations, left handed, right handed, ambidextrous, with or without side buttons (on either side), its up to you!
  • Highest performance: In house designed firmware and software, allowing extreme low latency operation, combined with the highest performing sensor, the Pixart PMW-3360.
  • Lightweight: Projected to be the lightest medium size modular mouse in the world, at 70-75g (early estimate of weight, depending on configuration)
  • Feeling: Split trigger buttons and the entire mouse surface coated (instead of only the top), ensure the most comfortable feeling and grip.
  • Cable: New ultra flexible cable, designed to feel like its not even there!
  • 3D Print Compatible: 3D templates will be available, so you can easily design your own modular parts, or download community created designs, and have them 3D printed.
  • Sensor Adjustments: All options for the sensor are available to configure (with software), and the sensor position can be physically adjusted incrementally from front to rear (TBC).
  • Reliability: Using the highest quality, longest lasting components available.
  • Comfort: The Astrum can change form to 4 main shapes, each one has been carefully designed with comfort, grip and ergonomics in mind, so they feel as though they're a natural extension of your body.

The Astrum is a crowdfunded project, at the moment it is in the final prototype stage. The crowd fund is live now! To contribute, please click the link below:

Click here to see the Indiegogo page for the Astrum, and back the project!