Please note, all firmware update programs are only compatible with PCs running Microsoft® Windows.


1. Plug the Venator in, if it is not already.
2. Extract all files in the zip archive.
3. Double click VenatorUpdateV1.1.exe
4. Ensure there are no programs running which may interrupt the update.
5. Click the Update button. The Venator's LEDs will turn off during this process. The updater will Erase the current firmware, program the new firmware, then it will verify the new firmware.
6. When the update has finished, it will say: "F/W Update Finish, Plug-Out Device."
7. Unplug the mouse and the plug it in again.
8. Exit the program by clicking the Exit button.
9. Enjoy the new firmware!


If the firmware update is interrupted, or displays an error, the mouse may stop responding. To restore functionality, the firmware must be updated again. In order to do this, you must use another mouse (however, not another Venator mouse), to navigate and run the firmware update program. Alternatively, if you do not have another mouse, you must use the keyboard to run the firmware update (however, instructions for using the keyboard to navigate windows are beyond the scope of this guide).


Version 1.1 - Release Date: 12/07/2017

Added 4 extra DPI steps: 1000 (Pink LED), 1400 (Violet LED), 1800 (Sky Blue LED), 6000 (Toxic Green LED).
Added option for High or Low LOD. To adjust, enter menu mode for your chosen profile, by holding down the DPI button for 5 seconds. Scroll the scroll wheel up for High LOD, scroll down for Low LOD. Exit menu mode by holding down the DPI button for 5 seconds.
Added option for 500hz or 1000hz USB polling rate. To change: Select the profile you would like to adjust the polling rate for. Unplug the mouse. Hold down the front side button for 1000hz, or the rear side button for 500hz. While holding down the button, plug the mouse back in.
Added option to restore to factory settings: While plugging in the mouse, hold down both the left and right mouse buttons.

Version 1.0 - Release Date: 15/05/2017

• This is the initial release firmware.