• About Ninox

From the very beginning, Ninox has placed the utmost importance on what gamers really want from their hardware. All Ninox products are tested to ensure they meet the high standards that Ninox aims for, and our customers expect. We will continue to develop our products in this way, and will always work to improve the process as much as possible into the future.

Its not only hardware that Ninox aims to completely satisfy gamers with, but also customer support and a continuing contact with the community, to make sure that we're never out of touch and are always working to update and improve our products. The people and companies which Ninox chooses to work with are always chosen with the highest care possible, with innovation and quality high on the list of priorities.

Ninox products are aimed at those who consider their gaming to be a sport, and like any sporting product, it needs to be completely focussed on the task at hand. All serious athletes know that the equipment they work with can make or break their game, and the ideal situation is when the person and equipment are "as one", in that it must feel like it is part of your body, as intuative, comfortable and natural as your own hands are. For this reason, Ninox continually researches how to make this a reality for as many people as possible.